Stage Hypnosis Demo, Interesting Talks, London

I was recently invited to do a talk at Matt Kendall’s Interesting Talks on Hypnosis. This is a short extract from that evening, in which a volunteer from the audience is taken through a Rapid Induction, and then hypnotised to forget the number 3 even exists – what makes this even more fun is that the subject has a degree in Mathematics (I discovered afterwards that she actually has 3 post-graduate degrees in Mathematics)!

  • An excellent talk by Keith, really glad I tagged along!

    Michael Beeson, London
  • Very interesting and fun evening – had a really good time! Thanks Keith!

    Indra, London
  • Good event, enjoyed myself and met couple of nice people.

    Mal W., London
  • Very interesting and good fun

    Peter Roberts, London
(For copyright reasons I can’t give you the full 65 minute video of my talk, but it is available to buy or rent directly from Interesting Talks in their psychology section)