Impromptu Stage Hypnosis Demo, Chingford, UK

I was on a residential training course recently. Some of the participants found out that I am a hypnotist, so they asked for a demonstration after hours – naturally I obliged with the help of a willing volunteer, and here’s the result!

  • Awesome show…

    Darren Monioro, London
  • Amazing Keith! How an earth did you do it?!? Crazy & very powerful stuff!!! Fantastic! Well done!

    Judit Varro, London
  • Great stuff Keith, superb stuff

    John Keedwell, London
  • It’s really amazing and impressive how fast and easily Keith puts people into a deep trance!

    Meike Hohenwarter, Vienna, Austria
  • Wow, unbelievable. Keith you are amazing!

    Patryk Pirus, Lubiechowa, Poland
  • Excellent Keith! Wonderful to watch!

    Jaycee La Bouche, London