In Their Words...

What do people who have seen Keith (or even been hypnotised by him) REALLY think?

An excellent talk by Keith, really glad I tagged along!

Michael Beeson, London

Wow, unbelievable. Keith you are amazing!

Patryk Pirus, Lubiechowa, Poland

Just saw Keith, we had HypnoTainment to last us a lifetime but we want more! People just did whatever Keith told them to do, it was unbelievable. Unbelievable!

Mieke Lloyd, Elgin, Scotland

Very interesting and fun evening – had a really good time! Thanks Keith!

Indra, London

Great stuff Keith, superb stuff

John Keedwell, London

I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was really entertaining – to get my wife up and to do the things he did was absolutely brilliant!

Mr Havell, Lossiemouth, Scotland

I really enjoyed tonight’s performance by Keith – it was a lot of fun and he did a really good job!

Liz Bruce, Elgin, Scotland

Awesome show…

Darren Monioro, London

I think the mighty Keith Blakemore-Noble has gained success where others have failed – I just got put into a trance! Happy days…

Will Perring

Good event, enjoyed myself and met couple of nice people.

Mal W., London

It’s really amazing and impressive how fast and easily Keith puts people into a deep trance!

Meike Hohenwarter, Vienna, Austria

Absolutely brilliant! Fab night! Haven’t laughed so much in ages! Xx

Tracey Mcluckie, Elgin, Scotland

I really enjoyed Keith’s performance. It was interesting, because I’ve never seen a hypnotist before – I was a bit nervous at the start but Keith spoke well and let us know what was going on. I really enjoyed it!

Eileen, Elgin, Scotland

Excellent Keith! Wonderful to watch!

Jaycee La Bouche, London

Very interesting and good fun

Peter Roberts, London

I have just had the experience of being one of those hypnotised on stage for fun by Keith Blakemore-Noble. I would recommend him and the experience. It was quite a trip!!!

Lynne Havell, Lossiemouth, Scotland

Keith (HypnoTainment) you put on an amazing show!

Leslie Hutcheson, Elgin, Scotland

Amazing Keith! How an earth did you do it?!? Crazy & very powerful stuff!!! Fantastic! Well done!

Judit Varro, London