In Their Words...

What do people who have seen Keith (or even been hypnotised by him) REALLY think?

Great stuff Keith, superb stuff

John Keedwell, London

It’s really amazing and impressive how fast and easily Keith puts people into a deep trance!

Meike Hohenwarter, Vienna, Austria

Wow, unbelievable. Keith you are amazing!

Patryk Pirus, Lubiechowa, Poland

I have just had the experience of being one of those hypnotised on stage for fun by Keith Blakemore-Noble. I would recommend him and the experience. It was quite a trip!!!

Lynne Havell, Lossiemouth, Scotland

I think the mighty Keith Blakemore-Noble has gained success where others have failed – I just got put into a trance! Happy days…

Will Perring

Very interesting and good fun

Peter Roberts, London

I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was really entertaining – to get my wife up and to do the things he did was absolutely brilliant!

Mr Havell, Lossiemouth, Scotland

Very interesting and fun evening – had a really good time! Thanks Keith!

Indra, London

Excellent Keith! Wonderful to watch!

Jaycee La Bouche, London

Just saw Keith, we had HypnoTainment to last us a lifetime but we want more! People just did whatever Keith told them to do, it was unbelievable. Unbelievable!

Mieke Lloyd, Elgin, Scotland

An excellent talk by Keith, really glad I tagged along!

Michael Beeson, London

I really enjoyed Keith’s performance. It was interesting, because I’ve never seen a hypnotist before – I was a bit nervous at the start but Keith spoke well and let us know what was going on. I really enjoyed it!

Eileen, Elgin, Scotland

Absolutely brilliant! Fab night! Haven’t laughed so much in ages! Xx

Tracey Mcluckie, Elgin, Scotland

Amazing Keith! How an earth did you do it?!? Crazy & very powerful stuff!!! Fantastic! Well done!

Judit Varro, London

Good event, enjoyed myself and met couple of nice people.

Mal W., London

Keith (HypnoTainment) you put on an amazing show!

Leslie Hutcheson, Elgin, Scotland

I really enjoyed tonight’s performance by Keith – it was a lot of fun and he did a really good job!

Liz Bruce, Elgin, Scotland

Awesome show…

Darren Monioro, London