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Welcome to the wonderful world of HypnoTainment, providing fun hypnotic entertainment for all, on stage and in the streets.

My name is Keith Blakemore-Noble.  I am based in Elgin in Scotland, and also regularly visit London.  I’ve been using hypnosis for many years now – both to help people overcoming shyness and phobias, and for fun and entertainment. To get a flavour of what hypnosis for entertainment looks like, check out the videos from the “Demos” menu above.

  • I have just had the experience of being one of those hypnotised on stage for fun by Keith Blakemore-Noble. I would recommend him and the experience. It was quite a trip!!!

    Lynne Havell, Lossiemouth, Scotland

Whether performing on the stage or in the streets, my primary concern is always for the well-being of the participants at all times. I always ensure that everything they are asked to do is safe. I am highly respectful of all who volunteer, and never ask them to do anything with which they are uncomfortable. This enables the participants to relax and take part more fully, which in turn enables the audience to truly enjoy the (always family-friendly) show.

  • Very interesting and good fun

    Peter Roberts, London

For that extra-special party, or to add a unique fun element to your next fund-raiser, get in touch to discuss what you have in mind. Then prepare to enter the wonderful world of HypnoTainment where it truly is all in your mind!